Setting up a practice space


For my students, September means back to school, lessons, and a brand new schedule. Finding the time to practice can be challenging for everyone (myself included!), and though the quantity of our practice matters, the quality is even more important. So how do we set ourselves up for success?

The picture above is from my practice space – it’s in an unfinished basement, but it has the perfect corner that I’ve personalized. Having a dedicated place to practice keeps me motivated and focused. It inspires me, even when I might not feel like practicing in that moment. I’ve displayed thank you cards from students, running medals – anything that cheers me up, and makes my practice space a desirable destination.

Even if it’s not an entire room, having a dedicated practice space helps to focus our mental energy on creativity, and music-making. It’s also a great way to invest directly in our own success, and works for everyone from youngest beginners through adults.

An ideal practice space:

  • is relatively free of distractions (TV, computer, siblings, pets, etc.)
  • has a good chair and music stand
  • has all the tools we need (notebook, music, metronome, tuner, recording device, etc.)
  • allows us to play as loud as we want without disturbing our family and neighbors šŸ™‚
  • is personalized in a way that is motivational and inspiring. Whatever works for you: pictures of concert halls, famous musicians or athletes, cute animals, inspirational quotes… the sky’s the limit.

Have fun creating your space, and happy practicing!